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Steven Lawrence

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Combining the three modalities of Energy Healing, Raynor Naturopathic Massage and Personal Training is a compelling mix, enabling me to offer client bespoke treatments. As they are tailored, they are suitable for everyone, from 2 to 92! They can be applied unilaterally or in combination depending on the client preference or requirements. Treatments include; deep tissue massage, Energy Healing, guided meditation massage, hand massage, feet massage, relaxation techniques, guided meditation, Healing massage and physical strength and fitness to support the individual to live the life they want.

The cost is £40 per hour for any service or combination you chose or we agree together. Personal training can be adapted for couples or families.

Fully insured through Balens, Specialist Insurance Brokers for Health & Wellbeing Professionals & Organisations​.

See below for more information on the three modalities.


Why Attention for your tension?

It can help with

Aches, pains and RSI

Raynor massage finds where your body is holding your tension that leads to aches, pains and RSI and removes it.


Healing, Raynor massage and Personal Training can all revitalise you and restore your body to balance and re-energise you.

Emotional balance

Healing can restore emotional balance through breath work and chakra and aura cleansing and balancing.

Injury prevention

Resistance training , stretching and regular massage as part of a training regime helps prevent injury and can improve performance.

Weight Loss

Combining aerobic and resistance training in a Personal Training program to safely reach your weight loss goals.


Healing , meditation and Raynor massage are very relaxing, and can help release trapped emotions or stress that manifests as physical tension.



"Steve’s calming nature makes me feel relaxed.
Steve has worked on my hip pain, which temporary subsided after our sessions.
I often use the breathing and calming techniques that Steve has introduced, to help me with stressful situations."

Mrs. C. Keston